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Setting up small bathrooms - this is how it saves space

Photo: Grohe
  1. Here's more than you think
  2. Bathing under the roof - a place of relaxation
  3. refreshment corner
  4. Nice niche
  5. Schmalhans
  6. Small guest bathroom - almost like home
  7. light Games
  8. Space-saving furniture tip

Here's more than you think

Sloping roof, narrow space, little space - it is often not so easy to create an oasis of well-being. But we reveal clever solutions for difficult bathrooms.

Bathing under the roof - a place of relaxation

Set up small bathrooms: With clever planning, you can optimally use the space and turn the alleged disadvantage into an advantage.

1. The area under the slope is good for the tub. Although this is the lowest point in the room, you will not need much space in the reclining and sitting position. It also creates a cozy niche from which you can enjoy the night sky through the skylight in the evening. The shower can be easily installed opposite.

2. Light plays an important role in the roofing bath. Several windows submerge the room in the daytime, making it look bigger and friendlier. With Faltrollos you can regulate the incidence of light according to your needs. In the evening, different lighting levels provide visual depth. For shower, washing area and small niches, set targeted accents with downlights and LED trips. Uplights, ie upward lights, accentuate the area around the bathtub. As a result, the niche looks much more generous under the slope.

3. A partly floating device looks nice airy and easy in small bathrooms . Instead of a massive vanity is therefore rather a shelf on the wall with an essay basin or a wash bowl recommended. Since you need the full room height to stand in front of it, you should place the board in the middle of the room on the back wall between the bath and the shower. If you extend it to the left to below the pitch, you also gain a practical storage space for bathroom utensils.

refreshment corner

Picture above: So that you do not bump your head while showering, the room height should be at least two meters. Glass partitions can be cut so that they fit under the bevel. However, the cabin should protrude slightly into the room so that you can still stand upright. Tip: latex paint is water-repellent and therefore ideal for walls and ceilings in the wet area (eg from Alpina)

Line "Eurocube", chromed brass, tap, approx. 330 €, shower system, approx. 1200 €: Grohe

Nice niche

A bath with a sloping roof has something cozy. If space permits, set up a cuddly corner under the window next to the tub. On cushions and upholstery you can make yourself comfortable to paint the nails or to care for the body. Faltstores regulate the sunlight, so it is not too hot in the bathroom during the day.

z. Eg "DuoLine" from Velux

Small tricks with great effect for small bathrooms

We reveal how you can adapt the restricted space situation quickly and easily to your individual needs.

1. A tight, elongated bath dictates a particular arrangement of the device from the outset. Take advantage of the side walls and face the bath and washbasin. In order not to lose too much space, it is best to choose a narrow installation tray, eg. "Cetus" by Villeroy & Boch. On the back wall still fits a hanging toilet. So that the resulting course does not seem too narrow, you can counteract well with large, light floor tiles.

2. Wall projections or window sills are well suited as practical shelves. In addition, on the wall above there is usually room for a few wall cabinets. Here are small wall modules better than large shelves. They appear lighter and more delicate, so the room does not seem too cluttered.

3. Organic, soft shapes in the device prevent further straight lines from forming that tend to accentuate the elongated room layout. Under the sink with rounded edges fits a compact cabinet with towel rail. So also the storage space possibilities are optimally used.


Extreme baths can be optically shortened with a simple trick. Stop the long look through the bathroom by setting up a nice shower area on the back wall. The washbasin and toilet then fit comfortably on the side wall, so that enough freedom of movement remains in motion.

Series "Connect", hand washbasin, approx. 108 €, vanity unit, approx. 350 €, wall-mounted lavatory toilet, approx. 233 €; Shower combination "Ideal Rain", approx. 286 €: Ideal Standard

Small guest bathroom - almost like home

1. Freedom of movement in the guest bathroom is important. Since the room is on average only two to four square meters small, it should not be crowded in any case. A washbasin with a narrow cabinet is usually sufficient for the needs of your guests. Then maybe there is room for another narrow shelf.

2. A mirror on the wall makes a small bathroom appear optically larger. Especially practical is a mirror cabinet. Behind the door, you also bring the most important toiletries under. It should be placed so high above the washbasin that your guests can comfortably look into it regardless of their height.

3. Sufficiently lit, the room looks brighter and friendlier. Of course, a window in the bathroom is ideal. If you do not have one, you should definitely integrate spots and spots in the ceiling. Indirect light sources such as LED strips behind the mirror provide for great effects and atmospheric atmosphere.

light Games

If you have a window, you can put the toilet underneath. So it is protected from view, and the daylight falls on the washing area.

Washbasin, about 215 €, base cabinet, about 545 €, toilet, about 475 €: Villeroy & Boch

Space-saving furniture tip

Whether it's the toilet or the vanity unit: furnishings hanging on the wall are ideal. They make cleaning easier and take up less space. In addition, they look so easy that even a small guest bathroom looks bigger immediately.

(Pictures: Grohe, Velux, Villeroy & Boch, Ideal Standard)

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