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Wide pants: fashion tips for the new trend parts

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  1. How do I combine loose pants?
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  3. culotte
  4. pleated pants
  5. pajama pants
  6. Very wide leg

How do I combine loose pants?

The beloved skinny jeans gets serious competition. With pants you look now the distance. Here are styling ideas for the new cuts.


It is cut like a Marlene trousers, with a flat waistband and crease, but the wide trousers have this flood length. The loose look can be emphasized with a knitted coat and flat lace-ups.

Knit coat, approx. 60 €, Gr. 32-44, synthetic fiber, Zara. Marlene trousers, approx. 50 €, Gr. XS-XL, viscose mix, Zara. Shirt, about 18 €, Gr. 32-44, synthetic fiber, New Look. Shoes, about 50 €, Gr. 36-41, imitation leather, Zara


Only up to the middle of the calf reaches the culotte, it is wide and a welcome alternative to rock. Fashion tips for the trend-conscious: blouse and fur vest. Important: shoes must be high, stretch the leg.

Vest, about 50 €, Gr. 32-46, synthetic fiber, New Look. Blouse, about 40 €, Gr. XS-XL, synthetic fiber, Zara. Shoes, about 100 €, Gr. 36-42, leather, Clarks. Culotte, about 40 €, Gr. XS-XL, linen, Zara

pleated pants

The loose carrot cut of the pleated pants always looks sporty, even if the loose pants are made of silk. So you combine them also casual with striped shirt, plaid scarf and colorful sneakers.

Sweater, about 52 €, Gr. 34-44, cotton, topshop. Folded trousers, ca. 70 €, Gr. XS-XL, silk, Zara. Scarf, ca. 15 €, wool mix, H & M. sneaker, ca. 85 €, Gr. 36-46, leather, New Balance

pajama pants

Soft, flighty and small patterned - the pajama pants is perfectly suited for the office despite its soft appearance. Featuring a fitted classic blazer, a masculine pullover and stern black ankle boots.

Blazer, about 40 €, Gr. 34-44, synthetic fiber, H & M. pants, ca. 50 €, Gr. XS-XL, Viscose, Zara. Sweater, about 26 €, Gr. XS-XL, cotton, Zara. Shoes, about 90 €, Gr. 36-42, leather, Zara

Very wide leg

The best figure to make wide pants, if the blouse is cut narrow or put into the cuff. Jackets should either be fitted or have a tight waistband.

Jacket, ca, 36 €, Gr. 34-44, cotton blend, topshop. Blouse, about 15 €, Gr. 34-44, synthetic fiber, topshop. Pants, about 40 €, Gr. XS-XL, viscose mix, Zara. Shoes, ca. 70 €, imitation leather, Gr. 36-41, Zara

Fancy this casual trend? And here are plenty of pants to shop:

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