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Keira Knightley is fed up with pirate life

Freud instead of Sparrow: Keira Knightley becomes intellectual

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley / ©

Who could reject a joint film project with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom? Exactly, Keira Knightley can, and even has some valid reasons to refuse her participation in the fourth part of The Pirates of the Caribbean. No, it's not an allergy to seawater and even the bad breath of Jack Sparrow or Orlando Bloom's inferior acting is not to blame. Three parts have just been agreed, and although the mighty cinema hits have been, a fourth does not come in the bag. "Three are simple enough, " says the current stage actress, reminding her that she's got enough on her hands without a new swell as a pirate bride. In three films she will soon be on the screen: London Boulevard, Never Let Me Go and Last Night are starting in the near future, and soon the filming of The Talking Cure will start. By the way, this is about the friendship between CG Jung and Sigmund Freud - and quite honestly, intellectually, no pirate of the seven seas can hold their own! So Keira is on her way to the educated film - maybe, so that you will not throw the British soon at the head, she was a shitty actress?

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