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Kathryn Cartwright: Shocking Selfie

Kathryn Cartwright calls for donations to cancer patients.
Photo: twitter / kathryninstereo

In the fight against cancer

The doctors had little hope left, but Kathryn Cartwright did not let herself be discouraged. She shows her fight will against the disease!

Strong bruises tighten on her face. Everything is swollen, red and blue undercut. When you look at the photo you almost feel the pain the young woman has to endure. But how could that happen?

Kathryn Cartwright was only 16 when she was diagnosed with cancer as a shock. She has leukemia! The doctors gave her a chance of survival of just 20 percent. But today, seven years later, Kathryn is still alive and her will unbroken! The young Englishwoman can not be beaten in the fight against the disease. She even posts this shocking photo of herself on Twitter and on her blog .

The cancer treatment had so weakened Kathryn that she fell out of the wheelchair - right on her face! But Kathryn does not let that discourage her either. Under her left eye she writes: " Fuck Cancer " . And that's exactly what Kathryn wants to tell the world with her cancer selfie . "It makes me sick that cancer destroys the lives of so many people. That's why I say: Fuck Cancer, " says the 23-year-old of the" Birmingham Mail ".

Great! With this image, Kathryn Cartwright will certainly encourage other people as well. She also wants to call on people to donate for cancer patients: "If I move only one person to donate, that makes me feel good." We are impressed by so much fighting spirit and wish Kathryn all the best!

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