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Kate Middleton has lost a lot

Kate Middleton looked even slimmer than at her engagement late last year.
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What's going on there?

Surely the Queen had sent her grandson Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton extra to the "provincial", so that both could rehearse before their dream wedding on April 29 in a relatively relaxed environment a public appearance.

For the bourgeois Kate Middleton this was the last opportunity to test secretly for herself, whether she is up to her later tasks, or whether she finds it fun. And Kate Middleton had fun, at least that's what Lancashire saw yesterday, when she was allowed to inaugurate a school with her fiancé in Northwest England County. Dressed discreetly in dark blue, with her hair slightly raised, she mastered her task skillfully and confidently in pouring rain in front of around 15, 000 onlookers. Always friendly, always smiling, always interested in looking around. What stood out: Kate Middleton looked even slimmer than at her engagement late last year. Fashion experts say this is typical for brides . These would do everything to look perfect on the wedding day. Nevertheless, the evil word "Prinzessinnenkrankheit" promptly made the rounds. This is the fatal trend that young women from middle-class camps, who marry in high circles, out of sheer stress, want to make everybody want to forget the food. We know this from Letizia, from Mary and from Victoria, but from royal home. Allegedly, Kate Middleton is said to have a "nutritionist" by her side to help her take in the calories she needs daily to keep from stalking. >> Find out all about the dream wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William