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Prince Carl Philip of Sweden: Dangerous hobby

Swedish Prince Carl Philip avoids allusions to Princess Madeleine and Jonah's busted engagement, he is driving car racing again. If that works out?
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Sweden's royal house

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (30) enjoys kicking! Therefore, he moved back to the racetrack as a Porsche driver in the Danish Silkeborg. This time, however, he was probably glad to dispose of his passion for high-performance cars discreetly in the neighboring country, so as to be able to avoid all references to Princess Madeleine (27) and Jonas (31) out of the way. At home in Sweden, the broken engagement of his sister is still such a perennial favorite in the media that he is guaranteed to be approached from morning to night.

In Silkeborg the king's son took part in another race for the Porsche Carrera Cup. He drove well, but not outstanding. Being there is everything he may have said. Did he know that a distant cousin - Prince Carl Friedrich zu Lowenstein-Wertheim (43) - died on the Nürburgring on the same day?

Even Carl Philip has been involved in accidents with his car several times. Risks that he obviously takes for his dangerous hobby in purchasing. The Prince inherited his enthusiasm for motorsport from his father. King Carl Gustaf (63) loves fast cars and even dared to be on the track in a soap box.

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