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ADAC warns: It is dangerous to strap on children in winter jackets

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Well meant, but bad: Children better not buckle in winter jackets

Just quick by car to the daycare or shopping - but you do not pull his child out. But the ADAC warns: Winter jackets can be a danger in the car.

A winter jacket is nice and warm and when we get into the cold car, we do not necessarily take it off first. But the ADAC has now announced that we should do better.

When we have our thick winter jackets on, the belt is not close to the body, but on the soft jacket. As a result, he has too much leeway, instead of the hip bone above the stomach. "This can cause serious damage to the soft tissues such as the colon, liver or spleen and even lead to internal bleeding, " explains Volker Sandner, head of vehicle safety at ADAC.

The ADAC made a test that attracted Dummy's thick winter jackets: an adult and a child dummy. Then they were placed in a seat simulating a rear-end collision at 16 km / h (as in a rear-end collision in the city).

(Photo: ADAC / Photographer Ralph Wagner)

Both the adult and the child, the transverse webbing cuts deep into the abdomen.

The ADAC therefore recommends that children take off their winter jacket and instead take a blanket in the car (but do not leave it in the car, otherwise the blanket will be uncomfortably cold).