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Andrea Berg: The five secrets of her love affair

Great familiarity: Andrea Berg and Uli Ferber enjoy every moment together
Photo: Imago / Future Image

Your wonderful dream marriage

When Andrea Berg (46) presents her first TV show on January 12 (ARD, 8:15 pm), husband Uli Ferber (53) keeps her fingers crossed. "I'm really happy that he's by my side, " says the Schlager queen in conversation. For six years, the two are married. Here they reveal the five secrets of their happiness.

1. You form a wonderful team

In the hotel "Sonnenhof" in Kleinaspach, the couple pulls together. New projects are planned and implemented together. "We work wonderfully hand in hand, " admits Andrea Berg .

2. A love at eye level

The two are a power couple: Uli Ferber is a successful football manager, supervised inter alia national striker Mario Gomez. "Everyone has their own field - and that is very important to us and enriches our lives, " says the singer.

3. Common Moments

"We do not have much time together, but we use the moments that stay with us, " says Uli Ferber. Andrea loves to walk with her husband through their homeland or to sit together in the evening with a nice glass of red wine. "These are rare but wonderful moments for me, " she reveals.

4. You live pure normality

There is also a life next to the stage. "At the Sonnenhof, I'm Frau Ferber, Uli's wife, " she says. Both are respectful and down to earth.

5. Real family people

Andrea quickly became part of the family. Especially her in-laws have Andrea very close to the heart. "She has been wonderfully integrated with us from the beginning. She is just a very lovable, hardworking person, "says her inmate Inge.