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Karin Dor "I'm glad that I am so good at being here today"

Her films: From James Bond to Winnetou. Karin Dor can be seen in the picture on the left. The photo was taken in 1966.
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Unforgettable legends

She has the most beautiful eyes in the world ", enthused Alfred Hitchcock deeply impressed by the young German actress. And to this day Karin Dor has lost none of her fascination. She still looks great. It is hard to believe that she has just celebrated her 72nd birthday.

In a conversation with NEUE POST, the film legend reveals: "I'm happy today that I'm still so good at each other. It could all be a lot worse ... " Because life is not always gentle with Karin Dor. Many times fate struck. On the one hand, she can look back on a dreamlike career: None could tremble as beautifully in her old "Edgar Wallace" films as she did. No one clung so tenderly to Pierre Brice in the legendary "Winnetou" films.When Karin Dor was screened in the '60s, millions of people flocked to the cinemas. She even made the leap to Hollywood. That's the shiny side of her life medal. The other: At the age of 28, she contracted cancer. A little later, the divorce from her first husband, the director Harald Reinl. "I have a better and more secure grip on my life today" It was a difficult time: "I suffered from insomnia, swallowing pills. First weak, then stronger. If I was still dazed during the day, I took stimulants, " she confesses. Still, giving up was never an option. So she scrambled up again, could defeat the cancer, made a detox, found her life again.

And it became quieter in her thoughts, after all the years of worry and pain. Sitting opposite her today, the movie diva, who lives alone after the death of her third husband, George Robotham († 2007), looks very balanced. She has largely withdrawn from the public, plays a little theater, plus a few TV appearances with Thomas Gottschalk and Carmen Nebel. "I have a better and more secure grip on my life today than I used to. You are calm. Almost cleared up. I'm just struggling at the wheel of my car over the bad drivers, " she says. But a sad circumstance clouds her sense of humor and her positive attitude: the break with her son Andreas (54). For many years, Karin Dor's son avoids any contact with the mother. She says, "That did not work out yet. But my door is always open for him. He can come back anytime. " The most beautiful eyes in the world, they still shine and reflect confidence and contentment. Karin Dor: "For everything you get from the top in your old age, you can only say, 'Thank you!'"