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Her baby died because she slept with her mother in bed

Underestimated Danger: The baby should sleep in its own bed.
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That's why you should not take your baby to bed

Her baby had to die because she slept with her in a bed. Now the mourning mother warns of the underestimated danger over the internet!

It's the nightmare of every family. The baby just came into the world, you love the tiny creature like your own life and most of all you want to protect it. This mother felt the same way. But despite or even because of all the care she has done something terrible: she is responsible for the death of her own child.

When her husband comes home one day, he first finds a reassuring image. His wife Angela and his five-month-old son lie asleep in bed. But the young father wants to join them, he notices the unusual silence. His baby is not breathing anymore.

Immediately the family calls the ambulance, but any help comes too late. T he baby is dead because he slept with his mother in a bed. The exact cause of death is still under investigation: Presumably Everett could no longer breathe, because something put on his respiratory tract.

Now Angela turns to the public. She overcomes her own grief to warn other families and perhaps save one life or the other. Because the risk of taking the baby into their own bed is often underestimated.

Despite the unbelievable grief and guilt Angela suffers, she now turns to mothers worldwide through social media: "As much as you love to cuddle your little one, please resist the temptation of doing it in bed. No matter how difficult it may seem at the time, put her in her own cradle and avoid the biggest pain you can experience in life - the pain we are experiencing right now. Your child's life is too valuable. "

Doctors say that such cases of sudden child abuse are rare . Unfortunately, there are still more than 1, 000 parents living alone in the US every year who are losing their baby in that awful way.

So what should parents always pay attention to?

Do not take the baby into your own bed! The baby should be in a crib or cot without blankets and stuffed animals. Otherwise the risk of sudden child mortality increases.

The sad story of the family is now distributed under the hashtag # everettjamesawareness. One may hope that the tragedy can still save one life or the other.