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Justin Bieber describes his dream wife

Are you Justin Bieber's Dream Girl?

Justin Bieber / Instagram

Justin Bieber is the flock of many girls. But what does the dream woman of the baby artist look like? Only recently, the singer admitted that he had nothing against older women, only she should not be over 40 years old, the age difference would be too big. Also Kim Kardashian is on his dream feminist list. He hit the brunette curve beauty at a White House dinner party and was blown away by her. This, in turn, gave rise to great anger with his fans, who became jealous. Justin Bieber had posted a photo of himself and Kim on Twitter after dinner, after which Kim received death threats from his admirers. Only half as wild, Kim Kardashian is not interested in Justin Bieber, she thinks he is cute, but that's all. But what kind of girlfriend does Justin Bieber really want? "She should have a nice smile, great eyes and a good sense of humor, " says the star. "Honestly she has to be, I want to be able to trust her." Appearance is not everything for JB, she should also have a good character and a have great personality. "It would be sad if I went out with a pretty girl and you can not talk to her. She should definitely be intelligent. "And how does he find German girls? "They're pretty loud, sometimes that's pretty hefty when they're right next to me. But I'm glad they support me so much. "Here you can see another RTL interview where he says he is single and has no girlfriend. Can you imagine being Justin's dream wife?