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Your type is in demand: styling tips for every figure

Figure consulting

Every woman is different! While your friend is happy about a great and very deep cleavage and a slim waist, you have a rather sporty-slim figure with ellenlangen legs. But how do you put yourself in the spotlight? We have the right style!

Are you actually talking fashion? If not, we are happy to help! Let's start with the alphabet. Please forget A, B and C immediately. For your styling only the letters A, H, V and X count. Why do you ask? Quite simply, because this is the figure canon, in which all women's bodies can be roughly divided.

"A" stands for the feminine, "H" for the straight-line, "V" for the sporty and the "X" for the curvy figure. If you know which type is yours, you can easily emphasize your own merits and skilfully hide small problem zones .

The feminine: the A-type and your styling

The A-type is based, as all figure types, on its namesake. Like the "A" you are rather narrow at the top, but have a more pronounced hip. Ergo: The main focus of your styling is on the upper body, shoulders and neck. Allowed: Bright shirts, patterned tops and eye-catching cutouts and shawls. Leave it: colorful bottoms, treggings or oversized shirts.

The straightforward: the H-type and your styling

Her body is in agreement: bust, waist and hips have a similar circumference. The advantage for you are therefore classic parts that emphasize your vertical line. This means: Underlaid garments that emphasize the body thanks to flowing fabrics, longer chains and large shawls. Beware of playful embroidery on the décolleté area or waisted tops, these will make you look wider.

The sporty: the V-type and your styling

Strong shoulders, narrow hips, is the figure-motto of the sporty V-type. Your advantage: Your silhouette will make your legs look very slim and long. Plain V-neck shirts, fancy pants and shoes are great for you. On the other hand, a styling with horizontal stripes, accented shoulders or too wide sweaters is rather difficult.

The Curvy: The X-type and your styling

Rounding at it's best, shows us the X-type. A lot of bust, little waist and wider hips like a styling with figure-hugging clothes. But beware, instead of feeling like the sausage in the pelle, rather put on tight shirts under wider-cut blouses or blazers .

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