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"I am not made for marriage"

Hard to believe that she is 65: Christine Kaufmann
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Christine Kaufmann (65)

Strange confession before her 4th divorce

We've known it for a long time - now it's out: The legendary actress ("Rosen-Resli") filed the divorce of husband No. 4, Klaus Zey (59) after 13 years of marriage! "I have been thinking about a final separation for five years, " says Christine Kaufmann, who celebrated her 65th birthday on January 11th. In Mallorca. Where she lives with her daughter Allegra (43) and grandchild Raphael (6).

Who now thinks that the "most beautiful grandma in Germany" would despair, wrong. "It had to draw a line, " she explains. "But I definitely do not want a mud fight. And I will not return to him in any case. "Even though her still-husband claims in the" Bild ", the separation comes as a complete surprise to him.

Anyway, Christine Kaufmann feels free as long as not. Is happy. The subject of men seems to be done for them: "I should never have marryed. I am not made for marriage. "

Instead of men, the cosmetics expert takes care of selling her own products. She writes a new book, and then there's the family too. "Allegra was struggling with bad depression due to phony drugs. Now I am happy to see her getting better and better. I admire her: I could not have been a single mother. "Second reason to rejoice: daughter Alexandra (45), who has just married. So: no trace of boredom and loneliness!

"My best gift for my 65th birthday is my divorce, " continued Christine Kaufmann in an interview. A new love is not the reason for the separation of painter Klaus Zey. But now she tackles other things in her newly won single life. "I am currently working on selling my cosmetics line here in Mallorca. And then there's the job of a big publisher for a new book. "What's it about? "It has nothing to do with beauty - I can tell you that much."

And then there is also the housing search. "At the moment I live with my daughter Allegra and my grandson under one roof. But in the long term I am looking for something again. A little cottage in the countryside would be nice. "

But right now she's standing by Allegra. "For a while I thought I would not stand it. You are so helpless! "Christine Kaufmann did not let her dissuade her. She is just strong. Even if she is alone now.

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