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Drugs in kindergarten: Four-year-old had almost 250 packs of heroin in her backpack

The Delaware police confiscated exactly 249 packets of heroin.
Photo: Delaware police

Children kept drugs for sweets

A four-year-old girl distributed about 250 packets of heroin in her kindergarten. She took the drug for safe sweets.

One morning, after her own bag was torn to pieces by her dog, a small four-year-old girl from Selbyville, Delaware, USA, took her mother's backpack to kindergarten. When she discovered in her bag about 250 small packages of white powder, she was overjoyed. The little girl thought she had opened a candy shop. She distributed the supposed snack to her friends.

The caregivers at the Hickory Tree Child Care Center were amazed when children with small plastic bags were suddenly walking around. They did not hesitate and called the police. This confiscated a total of 249 packets full of pure heroin . A total of 3.7 kilograms of the drug had brought the little girl to kindergarten.

The children who came in contact with the parcels were examined as a precaution in the hospital. Fortunately, however, none of the heroin pouch was opened. So the children could be released again.

Responsible for the incident is said to be Ashley Tull, the 30-year-old mother of the little girl. She was arrested by the police for drug possession, but released on bail of $ 6, 000. Her four-year-old daughter and her two other children, however, were deprived of their care. The police continue to investigate.

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