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Crochet Tutorial: Crochet fashionable bag with pompons yourself

Our new favorite bag? We crocheted ourselves! How - that's what we reveal in this crochet pattern for the fabric bag with pompoms.

The perfect accessory: Our pouch with pompoms
Photo: Schachenmayr


  • approx. 85 cm circumference, approx. 32 cm high (without carrying strap)
  • Carrying strap:
  • about 95 cm long, about 7 cm wide


  • Schachenmayr Catania, 50 g ball
  • 100% cotton, running length 50 g = 125 m
  • Color 00400 (ocean) Hank 8
  • Color 00146 (peacock) Hank 1
  • Color 00253 (pade) ball 1
  • Color 00397 (turquoise) ball 1
  • Color 00105 (natural) ball 1

Check the bands and use only balls of the same color lot. The material consumption can vary from person to person.

From Milward 1 crochet hook No. 3, 5


cm = centimeter
g = grams
Hinr = outward row
M = stitch
m = meters
mm = millimeter
R = row
Randm = edge stitch
Rd = round
Return = back row

Crochet 24 sts and 29 rounds in solid M = 10 x 10 cm

Crochet M in Spiralrd or in R. When working in Spiralrd, crochet solid M and mark the beginning of the Rd with a contrast thread.

When crocheting in R, turn each R with 1 additional air stitch. Crochet the 1st st in the 1st row from the nd.

Crochet M sts only in front, so change each row on the right edge and crochet from right to left.

To do this, at the beginning of each R, pull the thread through the 1st airm or 1 solid M of the Pre-R and crochet 1 airm. Then crochet the 1st solid st in the same st. Hang the end threads at the beginning and end of each R.
Crochet the pattern according to the count pattern, crochet with 1 skein per Fb and crochet the thread of the unused Fb.

The bag is crocheted from bottom to top. Lay a string of thread in Ocean and crochet in the basic pattern in Spiralrd as follows:
1st round: 6 solid M in the ring.
To reinforce the floor, put 2 threads of 1 extra ball on the M of the 1st round and continue to thread and crochet these threads as in the intarsia technique.
2nd round: In each solid M each 2 fixed M = 12 solid M.
3rd round: In each 2nd solid M each 2 solid M = 18 solid M.
4th - 34th round: In each round, divide evenly 6 x 2 solid sts each in a puncture site = 204 sts after 34th round. Cut off the crocheted threads and continue to crochet in rounds.

After 27 cm from the floor, for the ribbon draw, crochet the holes as follows: * Pass 13 solid sts, 4 air sts, 4 sts, from * 11 x wdh. Then crochet another 4 cm, crocheting 4 sts in each round around the airm-chains. Close the last round with 1 Kettm in the 1. Luftm.

Finally, crochet the bag with 1 round of Krebs-M, working only in every 2 solid M per 1 Krebs-M. Close the round with 1 sl st in the 1st Krebs-M. Cut the thread.

Carrying strap:
Knit 230 airm + 1 turn airm in Ocean and crochet in the basic pattern in the counting pattern in the intarsia technique, at the beginning and at the end of each R hang the threads about 30 cm long.
Crochet the repeat of 20 sts 11 times, then finish with the 10 sts after the repeat. The 1st - 19th R 1 x work.

And here it goes to the downlaod of the instructions.