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Germs in the pool? They can not hurt you like that!

So germs from the swimming pool can not hurt!

Germs in the pool

Swimming is healthy. But sometimes there are germs in the water that harm us. So we get rid of gifts from the pool quickly.

Vaginal infection / -Pilz

The problem: It burns, itches, unpleasant discharge: vaginal infection or fungi! Particularly susceptible to this are women with a weakened immune system who have too much stress, exaggerated hygiene or take antibiotics.

The help: Gynophilus provides with valuable lactobacilli for a healthy intimate flora and supports the fight against harmful agents in a vaginal infection. Fungicide ratiopharm expels vaginal fungi using the active ingredient clotrimazole. The power combination of tablets plus cream stops the multiplication of the pathogen and kills him. Chase away annoying pathogens with a hip bath. Once or twice a day, fill the tub or bowl with lukewarm water, add 5 drops of chamomile tincture and then bathe for 10 minutes. The sitz bath calms and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.


The problem: conjunctivitis is the most common eye disease in Germany. In most cases it is triggered by bacteria. But even viruses, fungi, allergies or foreign bodies can be responsible for rabbit eyes. All these germs can easily be caught in the pool .

The Hiflt: Berberil N eye drops help quickly with reddened and burning eyes. The ingredient T etryzolin has a vasoconstrictive effect and relieves the irritation of the conjunctiva. Due to dexpanthenol, eye and nose ointment helps to heal superficial damage to the conjunctiva and the cornea. The tannins of the oak bark also relieve sore eyes. Here's how to do it: Mix 1 tsp oak bark (from the pharmacy) with a cup of cold water, boil for 3 minutes, strain, add another cup of water, soak cloth and place on eyes.

Foot fungus & warts

The problem: pathogens for athlete's foot and warts like it moist and warm. In swimming pools, they are transferred very quickly. Treacherous: They penetrate deep into the skin layers. If therapy is too short, complaints will reappear.

This helps: Wartner Stift works with its trichloroacetic acid as a kind of chemical peel and peels off ugly warts layer by layer - quickly and effectively. Lamisil Spray allows for easy application of athlete's foot - without having to touch the infected areas. The active substance terbinafine destroys the pathogens. Proven in warts on the face and hands: castor oil extracted from the seeds of the tropical miracle tree. Apply a few drops with cotton swabs twice a day until the wart has completely healed.