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One Direction sleep naked

One Direction prefers to sleep naked

The guys from One Direction

The boys are known for talking a lot about their private lives. So it does not surprise them that they now reveal something spicy about their sleeping patterns. While millions of girls dream of being close to the five boys, the British provide almost daily new reasons to indulge them. The boys revealed that they love to sleep in the costume of Adam - splinterfiber naked.One Direction love the Nackidei-DaseinIn the interview with the radio station "93.3 FLZ" Louis Tomlinson revealed: "I always sleep nude. "We already knew that the boys like to walk around bare-chested, but Harry explains, the boys love to sleep naked too:" Let it all hang out, you understand? "Niall Horan admitted, " I have it done last night. "What makes nude sleeping so special? "Your best piece is boxer shorts all day long, it just takes time to breathe, " says Louis. Aha! What would we be without the wisdom, the one-direction guys ... HD

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