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Always hungry? That's why we crave food

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Always hungry

There are these moments when we could only eat all day. A piece of cake here, a ball of ice there. And in between a handful of chips. Winter bacon or not. We can always eat - whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling. But why is it like that? Why are we always hungry ? Six reasons why you are always hungry .

1. emotions

The last few hours have once again demanded a lot from us. We quarreled with our best friend and got angry about our boss. Stress, boredom or anger - we rarely like to compensate for our feelings with food as it is right now. The reason: biscuits and cakes put us in a short-term exhilaration - but only in a short-term ...

2. Weather

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, that beats the mood. And at the same time on the hips. In winter, we automatically have more desire for warm and hearty meals. Things are very different in the summer: When the sun is shining outside, we like to enjoy fresh fruit and crispy salads.

3. Sport

Who burns more calories, is also more hungry - sounds logical. But not always like that. Most of us who move regularly like to use their daily sports program to excuse their cravings. A pizza and a chocolate bar and a ... - no problem. I just did sports ...

4th period

Three to four days before the period, we are always hungry . Sometimes even after that. The reason: an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. And a temporary magnesium deficiency.

5. soft drinks

Sugary drinks make you fat. Not only because of their high calorie content, but also because they turn off the satiety and turn on the appetite. Better to grab this slimming water. It stimulates fat burning and provides a flat stomach.

6. Not enough sleep

Lack of sleep makes you fat - this is not new. And yet, only the least six to eight hours of sleep treat each night. Not only the duration, but also the way of sleeping is crucial. Who sleeps naked and in a cool room, activates his brown adipose tissue and boosts the calorie consumption.

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