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Hot debate on sleep table: when should children go to sleep best?

On the table below parents should be able to tell when their children should sleep best.
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Table specifies sleep times

Teacher Stacy Karlsen posted a table on her parent's web page stating when children of different ages should go to bed best - sparking a worldwide discussion.

Probably elementary school teacher Stacey Karlsen did not think much of it when she posted a table with children's sleep on the Wilson Elementary Wisconsin Facebook page . The table should only be a help for parents who have to get their children back to regular bedtime now that they have started school.

The teacher would never have expected that a single Facebook post would provide such headlines. In the meantime a real discussion about the topic has arisen. Over 386, 000 times the table with the note "Helpful Information" has already been shared on the net, more than 10, 000 comments can be found under the post. The originator of the table is not Karlsen himself. She only found her on the internet and then thought that it would make sense to share her with the parents of the schoolchildren.

The table clearly shows when children between the ages of 5 and 12 should sleep best. Depending on the bedtime is of course also dependent on the time at which the children get up.

Helpful information!

Posted by Wilson Elementary on Friday, August 28, 2015

Totally out of thin air the numbers from the table are not. This is evidenced by many positive comments from parents who write that the sleeping times in the table are very similar to those of their children.

Other parents make it clear how difficult it can be to stick to such a strict plan. After all, not every child falls asleep just when it should. Many children have problems falling asleep. In addition, not all children sleep through every night completely. They remind you that every child is different.

Furthermore, some complain that they have to send their children to bed too soon after this plan and then no longer have time to spend time with their family, sports and homework.

The final finding: Since the sleeping times in children (as well as adults) may differ starkly, especially the parents are asked who should still be able to best estimate when their child should go to bed to be fit for the next day to be all the new adventures.

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