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Baltic Sea: thousands of vacationers in mortal danger!

Like empty: Timmendorfer Strand (archive photo)
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62-year-old found dead

In the middle of the holiday season, a bathing ban was proclaimed in Timmendorfer Strand. Learn why anyone who goes into the water now risks his life.

Shock for the bathers in Timmendorfer Strand : While dozens of people in the Baltic Sea are still in the mood to cool off from the midsummer temperatures, there is an urgent warning from the DLRG on Monday.

Bathers must leave the water immediately! Adults should warn children. Absolute danger to life! Policemen go patrol on the beach.

What was the reason for this sudden action? A shark? Jellyfish? An oil spill from a damaged ship? Nothing like that. The true background: Strong gusts of wind pushed the waves to the beach. Under the surface formed a dangerous flow .

Two girls were driven away more than 150 meters from the beach and had to be rescued. A 62-year-old retiree, who was knocked down by the treacherous vortex, even died.

Despite the absolute ban on swimming, tourists were caught on the whole Monday, as they still went into the water. Their recklessness could also have been fatal to them. For a total of 20 lifesaving DLRG had to move out on the coast of Schleswig-Holstein last week. Until the DLRG gives the all clear, the ban on swimming at the Timmendorfer beach persists.