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8 personal everyday objects that you should not share with anyone

Attention: Damp towels are a popular breeding ground for bacteria and viruses!
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... because it's just more hygienic when used only by you

Basically, it's a good thing if you like to share things with other people in everyday life, and surely your fellow human beings will appreciate it when you offer them half of your double chocolate muffin in their energetic afternoon low.

However, if your enjoyment of sharing goes so far that you also share personal everyday utensils with friends or family members, we regret to tell you at this point that you should not. What seems to be totally harmless at first sight is quite dangerous because it can replace bacteria responsible for infections or diseases.

If you are not aware of what everyday objects are talking about, we'll tell you in our 8 everyday personal items that you should not share.

1. towel

Towels are real breeding grounds for bacteria and therefore you should absolutely avoid sharing it for example with your friend. Why do bacteria love your fluffy shower towel? Quite simply: There it is nice and humid and between the fibers also pleasantly warm. You should therefore change the towel once a week to prevent infections.

2. toothbrush

Toothbrushes are not expensive and it should not be saved in the wrong place. So when shopping at the drugstore you should buy two instead of one toothbrush for you and your partner. Everyone in the household should have their own brush. For the toothbrush bristles are teeming with bacteria, which are transmitted through the mucous membranes in the mouth into the bloodstream. Influenza viruses or colds can affect you or your partner very quickly. That's why you should change your toothbrush regularly and disinfect it in between.

3. Deodorant

A deodorant can be easily divided, as long as it is the spray or cream variant. On a roll-on, which is in direct contact with the skin, however, quickly accumulate bacteria and Hautschüppchen, which bacteria can be transmitted. Incidentally, these bacteria are also responsible for the foul smell of sweat that everyone knows more or less about - nasty, right?

4. Razor

"Honey, I'll lend you a quick razor, okay?" No, that's not a good idea, because by shaving, dander and bacteria stick to the device, which can be harmful. Do you cut yourself when shaving, you can even get infected with diseases such as hepatitis or HIV. The answer to the question above should be: "I would prefer you to use your own razor for your and my own safety."

5. Lip care

Lip care is only for your own use. The product has direct skin contact, which makes bacteria and other microorganisms easy to play with. Fieser cold sores spreads on this way, for example, rapidly, because the responsible virus is herpes simplex in very aggressive.

6. Make-up

A party evening with the girls is on and before you meet for a common styling. This is great fun and completely carefree you exchange powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick & Co. In the future, you should make sure that everyone uses only his own beauty products, because even here fungi, bacteria and diseases can be transmitted quickly through direct skin contact,

7. Hairbrush

Amongst other things, brushes have the purpose of removing dead skin cells, loosening cornifications and distributing the sebum from the scalp for a natural shine in the hair. The dead matter is not directly dangerous for our health, but the discomfort is already quite high. Who wants to carry around the old skin cells and the sebum of another person?

8. Earrings

Earrings are great and often add the finishing touch to an outfit. If you are one of the ladies who often wear earrings, you should be careful to disinfect them regularly to avoid inflammation of the ear. This is especially important if you have given the earring to a friend and then after him to him