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Kids Games: The most popular games for kids

Children's games for a child, two children, a children's birthday party, children's games for the road in the car & Co. We show children's games, with which boredom has no chance ...

Kids Games: Changing the trim box and then giving your imagination free rein - that's fun on your own
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  1. Children's games for a child alone
  2. Children's games for two to three children
  3. Children's games for many children (children's birthday)
  4. Children's games for the road

Stop boredom! Our children's games provide a lot of fun. Whether for a child alone or all his friends. Read our ideas now:

Children's games for a child alone

Children love playing with them. But even playing for some periods of time alone and dealing with yourself, can be very beneficial for a child. It increases his self-esteem, his ability to concentrate and independence.

Most of the time, your child knows best what he wants to do - painting, crafting, playing with dolls / cuddly toys .... You should never underestimate the imagination and inventiveness of a child. Just watch your child and listen to his ideas when he asks you to play along.

But sometimes your child may need some inspiration as well (maybe with some support from you). Here are some ideas:

Plunder fairing box

Surely you have somewhere a disguise box with fancy garments that Mama would wear only on a Bad Taste party, or old costumes. While your child is digging in and discovering new combinations, you can do things (reading, house cleaning ...). Again and again in between there is a fashion show!

Build a cave

Inside with sofa cushions and old mattresses, inside or outside with big boxes and outside with sticks: Have your child build a cave. Not only building the cave is fun, when it is finished, it can continue to play great in it.

"To look for Easter eggs

Why hide eggs only at Easter? For example, make small paper caps with your child and then hide them (without the help of the child). Depending on the age of your child, they can expand the search radius: For smaller children, they only hide the hat in one room, and larger ones in the whole apartment.

Another boost for older children: write numbers on the hat. Your child may only collect the cones in the correct order. So it must, for example, if it first finds the 7, remember where the hat is, until it has found only 1 to 6.

Children's games for two to three children

You have several children or a friend of your child is there and suddenly go out the two ideas, what they could play? Suggest them these children's games for two to three children:

Indoor basketball

Place or hang up an empty trash at head height. Then mark a spot on the floor. From this point, your kids can try to throw a soft plastic or foam ball into the trash.

Boules or boccia

This game should be played outside on a flat grass or sand surface. Each player gets three balls. The first player throws one of his balls a few meters in front of him. The other player (s) now throw their three balls, trying to get as close to the first ball as possible, or even hit them.

Knick images

Each player gets a piece of paper and a pen. Everyone paints, so that the other does not see it, a head and neck on the sheet. Then everyone bends his picture so that you can no longer see the head and only the neck. The players pass their hand to the next, who now draws a torso under the neck, down to the hip. Then the picture is folded again so that you no longer see the upper body, only the hints of the hip. The sheet is passed on again and the next player paints legs and feet under the picture. At the end the sheet is unfolded and the funny result is looked at. The picture becomes especially funny when the children paint animals or when they prefer to paint people, they put on funny clothes.

Skill games with coins

Either you have a tower of about ten identical coins on a table. The children are now trying out the lowest coin in succession with an eleventh coin, without the tower collapsing.

Or: You fill a glass with water and put a playing card up there. Put a coin on the card. Who manages to scoop the card so that the coin falls into the glass?

Children's games for many children (children's birthday)

A children's birthday is always very exciting. Because your child has really many guests who have all come because of him - and now want to be entertained. With these children's games you will ensure a good mood on the children's birthday party:

sort by

A great game, if not all children know each other on their birthday - but also otherwise. The children have to face each other in the right order. Be it alphabetically by name (great to get to know each other and learn the names), age, height, hair color, or whatever the children may think.

Variant: If you want to make it a bit more difficult, then forbid the children to talk to each other. Only through gestures and treasures can children find out if they are really right and have to organize themselves without words.

Ox on the mountain

A child is picked out and faces the wall with his face. The other children are about ten meters behind. The child on the wall shouts "Ochs vor dem Berg - he turns around!" The other children are meanwhile trying to run to the wall where the "Ochs" stands. But with the word "around", the child on the wall quickly turns to the group, whereupon the other children have to rest. The child on the wall counts the children who were still moving when it was already looking. These children then have to take a few steps back. The winner is the one who reaches the wall first.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the child on the wall can quickly shout "he turns around".

Poor black cat

The children sit in a circle on the floor. A child is selected as a "hangover". This child crawls from child to child while mewing it pitifully. The child with whom the "cat" is straight then has to pet the "cat" head while saying the words "Poor black cat" - and without laughing. Not easy! Who laughs is the new black cat.

What do I rattle?

Make a rattle (for example, by putting small stones in a taped toilet paper roll). Each child must now rattle a song with this instrument and the other children guess which song the child has in mind. Who guesses it, may rattle next.

Blow cotton wool

All you need is a relatively large, smooth table and a cotton ball. The children sit around the table and try, only by blowing, to prevent the cotton ball falling down on their table side. If you divide the tabletop into zones, you can also play the game with teams.

You can also vary the game by trying together to blow a balloon instead of a cotton ball - not on a table but in the air. The balloon should not touch the ground and children should not use their hands for this purpose. With this variation, a lot of movement comes about - better bring all fragile objects to safety.

Children's games on the go

"Are we going to daaaa soon?" You want to go on a trip with your child - and the long drive can quickly get boring. We show you children's games that you can play on the go:

Professions- / animals- / People rate

A player considers a profession, an animal, or a specific (celebrity) person. Players should have agreed in advance on which category they would like to guess. Then the other players in turn can ask the "Ratmeister" questions, which he answers with "yes" or "no". For every "yes" you may ask one more question, with a "no" it is the next player's turn to ask.

I am packing my suitcase

A classic. The first player starts: "I pack my suitcase and take with me: a diving mask." (For example). The next one then says, "I'll pack my suitcase and bring along: a pair of scuba diving goggles and a toothbrush." ​​The third one has to enumerate: "I'll pack my suitcase and take with me: a mask, a toothbrush and a bathing suit." It goes on and on, All previous terms must always be listed in the correct order, plus a new item to do so. Who forgets a term or confuses the order, is eliminated. The last player wins.

Guess songs

A player buzzes a song, the others have to guess which song he hums. That's how it goes in turn.

Hunting car colors

Each player calls a car color. Then everyone counts the overtaking, outdated or oncoming cars in its color. Who has the most points in the end?

build sentences

Only for older children who can already read and write well. From the license plates of cars in the area sentences are formed. If, for example, a car has the license plate "HH-GH-123", it can be used to form the sentence "Hans is very hungry".


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