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Blake Lively launches own lifestyle website 'Preserve'

Blake Lively will be launching her own website soon.
Photo: Getty Images

Actress becomes an internet entrepreneur

The job title "actress" does not seem to be enough for Blake Lively: she plans to launch her own lifestyle website later this month.

Already last year, Ryan Reynolds' wife announced her new project Preserve. "I have so many other passions and talents that I can not use in acting." Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about possible website content, and Blake Lively did not bother to be more concrete: "There's nothing out there that is - it's not a genre."

Now she announced that the website "Preserve" will mainly revolve around a unique style of life and appropriate products selected by the actress and their history. In addition, Blake in own videos to speak for themselves.

Another possible topic is probably cooking; After all, the former "Gossip Girl" actress not only comes from an actor family, but also from one who enjoys. Her qualities as a chef proved her in a video for Vogue.

As far as Blake Lively's website is concerned, we will finally be able to find out from the 23rd of July that the actress's project will be online that day. We are curious!