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Heart pendant made of round beads

  • Bead beads (eg

      from G├╝termann, 1000 pieces approx. 2 Euro)
    • Iron-on bead set (Art Games, with motif templates and approx. 12 colors, approx. 9 Euro)
    • baking paper
    • Vases (eg from the depot, about 20 euros)
    • Willow branches (from the florist, bunch with 2-3 branches, about 4 Euro)
    • Embroidery thread in pink (department store, textile department, approx. 2 Euro)
    • tweezers
    • Iron
    • scissors

    1. Put beads on the pre-made breadboard in heart shape with the help of tweezers.

    2. Overlay baking paper and iron according to manufacturer's instructions. Due to the heat of the iron, the pearls melt a little and thus connect with each other. Allow to cool slightly and gently remove the heart from the mold.

    3. Hang with embroidery thread in the willow branches.