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Why you should never threaten your children with the police!

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"The police, your friend and helper" - but do your children know that too?

"If you're not good, the police will pick you up!" Why you should never say that to your children is really important.

Children can drive one to despair. If they are stubborn again or scream and annoy because they can not get their way. It is understandable, if at a certain point parents no longer know.

Unfortunately, fear is a very popular method of education at this moment .

Did you yourself sometimes hear from your mother or father the sentence "If you are not good, the police will pick you up!" ?

When parents use fear to control their child, they need a scapegoat. The children must be scared of anyone. But using it for the police is the wrong way to go.

The police would like to draw attention to Hagen and published this post on Facebook:

Meanwhile, we have reached over 6 million people in just three days with this post. OK then. The topic is important and should therefore be shared. Thanks.

Posted by Police NRW Hagen on Monday, June 22, 2015

"Please stop telling your children we are going to fetch them if they are not good and their children should come to us if they are afraid ... and not afraid of us, thank you!"

An important message, which luckily arrives accordingly well. Over six million people have already seen this post.

If parents persuade their children they should be afraid of the police - to whom should the children go when they need the help of the police?


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