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Hot Review of the Year: The Sixpacks of the Stars

Annual Review 2012: Prominent Sixpacks

Channing Tatum has him, Robbie Williams too and David Beckham anyway - the washboard stomach! JOY shows a year in review with the hottest six-packs of the stars, of which we can not get enough at least since "Magic Mike".

Hot Year in Review: The upper bodies of the stars
Photo: PR, Twitter
These top 12 are not for the weak women's nerves!

What are the women becoming weak in a row? Small tip: He is sought by many, but only achieved by a few. N / A? The male six-pack, of course! Rarely could you admire as many great torsos in a year as in 2012.

In our gallery we show the hottest Star-Sixpacks from 2012 (12 pictures).

There was, for example, the European Football Championship in June and July, when we were able to admire Cristiano Ronaldo's steel body to the semifinals in the Portuguese national team. Then came the London and London Olympics in July and August, when one hot man's body after another was in action. Above all, the diver Tom Daley, in which women began to be interested in this niche sport at once. Although we missed David Beckham on the football field, H & M gave us an underwear campaign with him. In poster size, we could tame his tattooed body, covered only with a tight panties, from February to almost every subway station. Thanks, H & M!

"Magic Mike" as the hottest six-pack show of the year

Even the actors of the stripper movie "Magic Mike", which started in August in the German cinemas, may not be missing in the Top 12 of course. Why can not all men look a bit like Channing Tatum or Matthew McConaughey? And somehow we have the impression that even Harry Styles of One Direction has taken the Mucki men as a role model. However, he still has to train a bit to keep up. With his band, he won three awards at the MTV Video Music Awards in September - so he can easily afford a personal trainer.

Even Justin Bieber is clearly one of the winners of the year: he was named the most successful star under 21 by Billboard in October and tweeted in November a picture of his junior muckis. The new Muscovy generation is thus already in the starting blocks!

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