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Forest visit police warns: collecting mushrooms can be expensive

Collect mushrooms, herbs, chestnuts or firewood. The forest offers so much usefulness especially in late summer and autumn. But may I just take the delicious mushrooms or the otherwise expensive firewood? Or could the whole thing end up expensive? Even the police union warns against Verst en, a warning that two mushroom collectors from Ibach was apparently unknown.

If you collect too many mushrooms you have to expect a fine.
Photo: iStock / Koldunov

Two enthusiastic mushroom pickers from Baden-Wuerttemberg had to pay a fine of € 1, 700 and all because they collected too many mushrooms. When loading their trunk with the booty of about 19 kilograms, they were observed by a witness who noticed the quite large amount of mushrooms and then called the police. This stated a violation of the Federal Nature Conservation Act.

Well, now you might think that collecting 19 kilograms of mushrooms is not enough. But what am I allowed to collect in the forest and what not? Are there any limits or is the forest a self-service store? Questions about questions that also concern the union of the police, which give indications for the correct behavior in the green.

What am I allowed to collect in the forest?

It does not matter if mushrooms, herbs, berries or flowers and grasses, in the forest applies, the bouquet regulation . This says that I can collect for my personal needs small amounts of, for example, mushrooms. But this rule is more of an exception, because generally, only the respective forest owner is allowed to dispose of the things in his forest.

Exceptions to the exception

"Can I collect for my own use? Excellent! Then I'll take some firewood with me for the cold days. "Whoever thinks that now will unfortunately be disappointed. Because the rule of hand does not apply to forest-grown plants. These include young seedlings, ornamental sprigs, firewood, stones and trees. And yes, our beloved Christmas tree is one of them and should not just be felled in the forest. But even plants that are under protection must remain in the forest and must not be damaged. Therefore, be careful when picking flowers and collect the autumn decoration. Because even nests, eggs or feathers may not be taken. The ban also applies to animal antlers and wildlife, whether dead or alive. In case of ambiguity, affected people can always ask the forester on site.

What do I have to consider if I want to collect large quantities of firewood and Co.?

If you want to collect more firewood, mushrooms, forest fruits or other things from the forest for commercial reasons, you can do so under certain circumstances. At least if he has received the consent of the forest owner and in some cases a permit from the nature conservation authority. Each federal state has its own approval procedure and provides an overview (example Hesse).

By Lisa Philomena Strietzel

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