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Advent Calendar: Milk Dates Calendar

  • empty, washed out milk cartons
  • white spray paint (eg

      from Marabu)
    • Craft paper in red, pink and green
    • Creative punch for stars (craft shop)
    • motive scissors
    • Decomarker in gold (eg from Edding)
    • Glue stick (eg from Pritt)
    • double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)
    • Gifts
    • cutter
    • scissors

    1. Cut the bottom of the milk cartons with a cutter. This creates the opening for filling the milk cartons.

    2. Prime milk cartons with white spray paint. Let dry.

    3. Cut the roof, windows, fences and doors out of colored construction paper.

    4. Punch stars out of red and pink colored paper with the motif punch.

    5. Cut small signs with the motive scissors and label them with numbers using the golden pen (according to the number of presents).

    6. Stick windows, doors, fences and tags with the glue stick.

    7. Fix the roofs with double sided tape.

    Tip: There are several gifts in the milk cartons. Milk cartons with a curved tip are particularly suitable for the roofs.