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Sybille Beckenbauer: "A life without friends would be terrible for me

A strong and very attractive woman: Sybille Beckenbauer. Her motto: "Life is lived forward and understood backwards"
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She just came from the golf course, enjoyed the game, the fresh air and the sunshine. Now Sybille Beckenbauer (63) is sitting in her house in Kitzb├╝hel. From the living room you can see the 1712 meter high Hahnenkamm, the local mountain of the idyllic village. Majestically he rises to heaven.

It is enviable in what beautiful landscape you live ...

Sybille Beckenbauer: That's right! 25 years ago I landed in this wonderful spot and I enjoy it every day. It is my dream place on earth.

How do you live?

Sybille Beckenbauer: Very down to earth. I have a garden where I have kept some chickens for nine years. I appreciate eating their healthy, fresh eggs. And of course they will be distributed to my friends. In addition, I cook daily, I need three solid meals.

What do you like to cook?

Sybille Beckenbauer: That depends on the season. In winter, there is also a lentil soup with sausages, in the summer a lot of fish and fried. I am a good eater and often download recipes from the internet, try something new.

You wear size 36, have a dream figure and can feast on what you want ...

Sybille Beckenbauer: Yes. Luckily I am blessed with good genes. It would be incredibly difficult for me to give up a good meal.

That you look so much younger must still have a secret?

Sybille Beckenbauer: I have to disappoint you. There is none. I think my appearance reflects my contented life. I am perfectly happy. But of course I do sports, which is certainly good for the body.

Which sports?

Sybille Beckenbauer: Pilates, winter skiing and of course golfing.

But golfing is more than just a sport for you ...

Sybille Beckenbauer: Three years ago, I launched a portal on the Internet with my friend Rike Vormwald. We offer golf trips for women .

What are you doing exactly?

Sybille Beckenbauer: We organize golf trips especially for women. It goes, for example, to Turkey or Portugal and of course take care of the participants.

What fascinates you about this sport?

Sybille Beckenbauer: First of all, I like to be in nature and, in addition, you experience so much about yourself in this sport. For example, how to deal with pressure, with defeats.

And how do you deal with defeats?

Sybille Beckenbauer: I developed myself. (Sybille Beckenbauer smiles). Although I did not hit the bat with rage on the ground before, but I was very angry, cursed quietly. But today I keep calm, even if it does not work that way.

If you needed a lonely island, what three things would be guaranteed in your luggage?

Sybille Beckenbauer: Let's just say if I would climb a lonely mountain, because that suits me better. In any case, my best friend would be there and a backpack with delicious provisions.

Friends are important?

Sybille Beckenbauer: Yes, for every human being. A life without friends would be terrible for me. You experience the beautiful things together, go through days that are not so sunny.

They still bear the surname Beckenbauer, although they have been divorced for eight years ...

Sybille Beckenbauer: I just got used to it and never thought to change it and accept my maiden name again.

What is your desire for the future?

Sybille Beckenbauer: That my life stays as happy as it is, and that all my loved ones are healthy.

You are a happy single. Is a new love really excluded?

Sybille Beckenbauer: As you said, I'm a happy single. Still, I do not exclude anything in life - what happens, that happens.

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