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2 cool DIY ideas with wood tiles

Wooden tiles belong to the wall from now on!
Photo: deco & style

Much more than a floor covering

With wooden tiles you can not only design balcony and garden, you can tinker with the square plates also great things. We have two ideas for you!

You need this for the mural:

  • Wood tile (50 x 50 cm about price 3.95 €)
  • abrasive paper
  • Wood stain in light gray (hardware store)
  • Expression (a picture of your choice)
  • Wood glue (hardware store)
  • Test tubes (via
  • Ribbon (craft shop)
  • Brush for glaze and wood glue
  • scissors
  • pot sponge
  • tacker

And that's how easy it is:

1. Sand the tile with the sandpaper. Remove the grinding dust well.

2. Paint the wood tile with the wood stain and let it dry well. Repeat the painting as needed.

3. Cut out the printed image with a small margin.

4. Spread the wood glue liberally on the printed side.

5. Stick the coated print on the wood tile and press firmly. It's best to let it dry overnight.

6. Carefully scrub the paper layer with a damp sponge so that the pressure remains on the wood.

7. For the test tubes, attach the loop tape to the wood with the hand tacker.

8. Tie the glasses with the ribbon.

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What you need for the wall silo:

  • Wooden tiles (2 pieces 50 x 50 cm about price 3.95 €)
  • Sandpaper (fine grain)
  • Wood varnish matt in gray blue (hardware store)
  • Connecting sheet (hardware store)
  • Rubber bands (haberdashery)
  • Handtacker (hardware store)
  • Hook (hardware store)
  • brush
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • screw

And that's how easy it is:

1. Sand the wooden tiles with sandpaper. Remove the dust well.

2. Paint the tiles with the paint and leave to dry well. If necessary, delete a second time.

3. Connect the finished painted wooden tiles to the connecting plate.

4. Attach the rubber bands to the tiles with the hand tacker.

5. Finally, attach the hooks.

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