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Harry Styles grabbed Zayn Malik's testicles in front of the fans

One Direction demonstrate their men's love

Harry Styles, Zayn Malik / Twitter

The guys from "One Direction" definitely do not have contact fears among themselves. Harry Styles was mixing up the crowd at the "Meet & Greet" in Atlanta as he grabbed Zayn Malik's wings. Justin Bieber demonstrated his "Bromance" with Scooter Braun in a video in which the two "I Will Always Love You" plucked and hugged each other. The guys from "One Direction" are a bit more violent. The stupid old rumor that at least some of the boys are gay, of course, rekindled when Harry Styles his buddy and colleague Zayn Malik during a press conference in Atlanta before the eyes of the Fans bravely touched the testicles. Zayn Malik nibbled on Harry Styles 'best piece a few days ago. The eye-catcher happened shortly after Zayn Malik had simulated nibbling on Harry Styles' best piece. Clear that both events brought the present, anyway hysterical supporters to the brink of powerlessness. The currently wildly circulating photo shows a girl in Zayn Malik's arm - what did she think? It would not have been a miracle if she had imitated Harry and accessed herself. We can only say: Long live the Bromance of "One Direction"! SE