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Giulia Siegel: I own 450 pairs of shoes!

"Celebrity Wonder Women"

They are beautiful, successful and stand with both legs in life: Our "celebrity miracle women"! Here, Giulia Siegel, model and DJane, answers the WUNDERWEIB questionnaire. And would you have known? She would like to experience an orgasm from a male perspective!

1. "Wunderweib": Who or what comes to mind spontaneously?

Giulia Siegel : A woman who gets children, their job and their household under one roof.

2. The biggest miracle of your life ...?

Giulia Siegel : The birth of my three children. I'm still completely overwhelmed when I think back to it.

3. What "miracle power / wondrous ability" would you like to possess?

Giulia Siegel : If I could choose a miraculous ability, I would like to be invisible.

4. What miracle cure do you recommend for your health?

Giulia Siegel : Every day for breakfast drink a liter of carrot juice with olive oil or one liter of pineapple juice.

5. What would you do if you could be a man for a day?

Giulia Siegel : I would like to experience an orgasm from a male perspective.

6. In addition to money, mobile phone and keys, what things should not be missing in your purse?

Giulia Siegel : Photos of my three children, a labello.

7. What advice was the best your mother gave you along the way?

Giulia Siegel : I did not get any really important advice from my mother. My dad once said to me, "kid, you are too intelligent to take drugs!". That's what I've kept to this day.

8. What's your favorite and what's your worst part in the wardrobe?

Giulia Siegel : Probably the most awful part in my wardrobe is a full-body suit in a bright blue that I once wore at ballet, to spare and warm my muscles and vision during ballet training. Even today I still wear the wool suit, for example when skiing - but then so that no one sees him, so under my regular clothes. My favorite part in my wardrobe is currently a pair of "Small Town" jeans, model Malibu.

9. Let's be honest: how many pairs of shoes do you really own?

Giulia Siegel : About 450 pairs.