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Dangerous EnjoymentDiabetes: Does Excessive Alcohol Use Increase the Risk?

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Alcohol consumption promotes diabetes.
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Alcohol consumption harms health, has long been no secret. Now he should even favor diabetes . According to a new study, binge drinking or binge drinking is suspected to increase insulin resistance. This significantly increases the risk of diabetes.

First study result based on animal experiments

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to first symptoms of diabetes in rats, as a new study by international researchers shows. The scientists wanted to investigate the consequences of so-called coma drinking. Coma drinking is understood to mean the drinking of four for women and the consumption of five alcoholic beverages for men within two hours.

In the rodents, binge drinking led to insulin resistance and thus to the first symptoms of type 2 diabetes. The researchers concluded that excessive alcohol consumption significantly increases the risk of diabetes. Now it is still to be investigated to what extent this result is transferable to humans.

In existing diabetes: alcohol consumption is not a taboo

By the way, patients who already have diabetes need not completely abstain from alcohol. However, you should enjoy it in moderation, as alcohol is a cytotoxin that could possibly attack organs already damaged by diabetes. In addition, there is a risk that a diabetic hypoglycemia because the liver is busy with the detoxification of alcohol. Especially in type 2 diabetes, alcohol can additionally lead to disorders of lipid metabolism. The consequences can be high blood pressure and being overweight.

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