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Ice Bucket Challenge Critic: 250,000 Euro Annually Salary for the President of the ALS Organization

Slightly dressed in the Ice Bucket Challenge: Helene Fischer also enjoyed the ice-cold shower.
Photo: Facebook / Helene Fischer

Intentions of the ALS Association are questioned

Is the donation money from the Ice Bucket Challenge really flowing into the research? The tax return of the ALS Association suggests otherwise. The reveals namely the unusually high salaries of employees.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is currently on everyone's lips. It is the latest Internet trend behind which originally a good purpose should hide. But the ALS Association, in whose research the donations are to flow, is increasingly coming under fire.

Last week, the ALS Association (ALSA) published an official report on donations already received. The numbers clearly reflect the global success of the Ice Bucket Challenge. While $ 2.6 million was donated to ALS research between July 29 and August 26, over 88 million donations went to ALSA this year over the same period.

Worldwide, numerous stars participated in the fundraiser. Even German celebrities like Helene Fischer or handball star Stefan Kretzschmar did not ask for long and had a cold shower. Meanwhile, the Ice Bucket Challenge makes the rounds even among private individuals. But what happens to the donations anyway?

Much of the money donated to ALSA does not appear to go to research. The tax declaration of the organization shows this clearly, so a report of the weekly. In 2013, only 7.2 million of the total 26 million donated went to ALS research. Particularly striking are the high salaries of the employees. For example, ALS President Jane H. Gilbert receives the equivalent of around € 250, 000 in annual salary. Even the chief financial officer receives 150, 000 euros more than unusually high salary.

Much of the revenue also goes into organizing charity events. The administrative apparatus of the ALS Association is, according to the weekly paper, a very high cost factor.

We can only hope that the funds raised with the help of the Ice Bucket Challenge will be used for the most part for the purpose for which they were intended: the study and control of the disease ALS.