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Springlike kitchen accessories: Now it's getting colorful!

With fresh colors we hunt the gray winter out of the house!
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The best of spring

Because we have become fed up with warm, dark winter colors . We now want fresh, happy sounds - even in our kitchen! This is easily achieved with the right kitchen accessories .

The kitchen is one of the most central points in the house. Again and again the family meets here: for cooking, eating, talking. Since the kitchen should also reflect the happy mood of spring. With sweet kitchen accessories, in the colors of the finally reawakening plants, this is quite easy.

On the window sill a sea of ​​flowers and herbs, here a green chair, a sky blue clock, as a few colorful glasses on a colorful tablecloth, plus small kitchen accessories with birds and butterflies - there goes in the kitchen, the sun!

We show you the most beautiful spring messengers in the form of kitchen accessories !