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Woman announces to eat children of neighbors

It sounds like a gruesome Halloween story. But this strange horror story really happened.

What did the woman really want to do with the children?
Photo: Istock

A Minnesota woman in the US was arrested for suspecting that she wanted to eat the neighbors' children.

The police said 38-year-old Carrie Pernula was annoyed because neighbors' children always left things on their lawn. Although that is normal behavior of children and no reason to really get angry, you might think so. But the neighborhood dispute could turn out to be really bad for Pernula now. Because the angry neighbor sent an anonymous message to the parents of the messy children.

"The kids look delicious, can I maybe taste them?" was on the slip. She also changed the recipient's post in the neighbors. Instead of their name there stood "delicious children". Creepy!

The threatened family contacted the police and published the creepy message on the township side of their city.

Then the scary neighbor was arrested. Meanwhile, Pernula is back home. Her explanation for the scary threats. The kids would have annoyed her so much with her toy that she did not know how to help.