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For cold days Knitting Pattern for a blanket

When it gets cold outside, we like to cuddle up in cozy warm blankets. With this guide, you can knit this cozy blanket yourself.

Perfect for cuddling: This blanket is perfect for the cold season.

What you need for the ceiling:

  • Evento "by Lana Grossa (65% cotton, 35% virgin wool extra fine merino): about 900 g in slate / nature (Fb. 22)
  • Knitting needles No. 4, 5
  • Circular Needle No. 4, 5, 120 cm long

And this is how it's done:

Kraus right: Knit stitches (M) to the right in back and forth rows.
Leaflet pattern: Knit according to the knitting pattern. The numbers on the right indicate the rows. In the back rows, knit the sts as they appear, knit the envelopes on the left. Begin widthwise the rows (R) with the sts in front of the 1st arrow, knit the pattern set = 26 sts between the arrows, end with the sts after the 2nd arrow. When piece measures 1 st to 40 th, knit 1 row, then repeat at 40 sts.

20.5 M and 26 R in the Blattajour pattern with needles No. 4, 5 = 10 x 10 cm

Cast on 290 sts. For the panel, knit 4 cm = 14 rows of garter stitch to the right. In the last row of apertures evenly distributed 25 sts crosswise increase from the transverse thread = 315 sts. Then continue in the Blattajour pattern. When piece measures 138 cm = 360 sts at end of apron, work 4 cm = 14 rows garter st in garter st, dec 4 sts evenly in 1st row = 290 sts. Then bind off sts loosely.

Tighten, moisten and let dry. With the round needle from the side edges
including the narrow sides of the screen, 230 m each.
Height of 40 R 24 sts and the narrow sides of each 7 sts. For the panels, frill on the right
knit. Cast off each st in 4 cm = 14 R.

Embroidery for the ceiling.

Here you can download the entire manual.

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