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TV Week is looking for the title star

Photo: TV week
  1. Apply Now and Send Photo: This is your opportunity
  2. The last winner was totally thrilled
  3. Birgit Schrowange is a jury member

Apply Now and Send Photo: This is your opportunity

You are 40 years or older, have a great charisma and always wanted to be a cover model? The TV week makes your dream come true.

Once great come out. Show the whole world: Hello, I am here - and find myself good as I am! With the first traces of life. With many experiences. With a great charisma. You wanted that for a long time? Then your time is now! For the sixth time a charming, fun-loving woman over 40 years for the title of the television week is sought. Just apply by post or email within the next four weeks with a few details about yourself, a portrait and a full body photo.

The last winner was totally thrilled

With a little luck, you will be chosen by the title star jury among the top five applicants and win a professional shoot with styling in Hamburg. On top of that there is the arrival, the hotel night and 100 euros pocket money. The winner receives a model fee of 500 euros.

And take home many great memories. As Susana Kaiser (45), the last title star winner (photo below): "It was an incredible experience! And the positive response after that blew me away. Even my husband was totally blown away by the photos - and he is not that enthusiastic. " The mother of two children and yoga instructor got really excited about the photo shoot, then worked as a fitting model for" Esprit "and once more make professional pictures in acrobatic yoga positions. She now wants to publish it in a self-written book.

Birgit Schrowange is a jury member

A great result, finds TV star Birgit Schrowange (56). She supports the jury again this year: "I am pleased to be there again! We had great finalists last year, so I'm curious if this can be topped. "

The presenter likes to be a model in front of the camera and therefore knows exactly what to look for in the candidates. And why such a shoot can give mature women an energy kick. Birgit Schrowange: "For years, as a woman, there was a lot for men and children. Now is the time to do something for yourself. 40, 50, 60 is not an age. There are many beautiful women in the middle of the day, often with a wonderfully relaxed appearance. And you do not have to be super slim to look great. Take a look at a Barbara Schöneberger. Has not the gorgeous curves? "

The application deadline is September 19, 2014. Please send your application to the following e-mail address: . Important are the following data: name, date of birth, height, weight, clothing size and your address and contact details. You are welcome to tell a little about yourself. In addition, your application should include two photos - a portrait and a full body shot.

So, what are you waiting for? The team of Fernsehwoche is looking forward to your application ...

Text: C. Mayer

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