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Eva Brenner: My tips for creating order

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Out with the legacies and forth with new favorite pieces

Welcome to the new year! After a danced New Year's Eve and the first days in 2015, the time has come to put his good intentions into action.

Never forget to be realistic. Because if you decide on very ambitious projects right from the start, the chance of failure is of course even greater. Starting small, but achieving great results is balm for the soul.

Living healthier, exercising more and staying fit, stopping smoking, finally learning a foreign language, renovating and spending more time with your family, friends and hobbies are the classic answers to the question of good intentions. And in the middle of it, you often hear just "make order ".

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to break away from old and create more space in the home and apartment. Simply dispose of bad old contaminated sites and grant new favorite items. Of course, individual pieces that have a high emotional significance should be spared. I also have my little chaos bags and odds and ends boxes. I say, most people now know from which corners I speak. To all who manage to maintain a systematic pattern of order - Chapeau - I admire this discipline! Often I just can not do it, because I'm traveling more than half of the year and at home is often just busy packing and unpacking suitcases. But that's where system and order are in demand.

An ingenious storage system is the best way to put an end to chaos. Be it in the basement, which you can barely even walk in front of all the junk or in the overcrowded drawer in the kitchen, the boxing principle always works. Quite simply in the storage department in the hardware store to get boxes in different sizes and sort the items categorically. My tip: Make sure to use transparent boxes so that you can open what's inside even without a box. I advise against captions, because in most cases you forget to update them, you just have to let it go. If you do not open every small part, you quickly forget whether you have allocated the air mattress camping equipment or perhaps the visitor's box. Once you have stowed all the boxes on the shelf, the whole thing looks great - orderly chaos exudes a playful charm. I try to look at all boxes at least once a year to sort out, but also and above all to keep track. How quickly have you forgotten things and then bought twice!

A typical chaos trap are the beautiful dressers in the bedroom. Not only that at some point a jumble of socks, tights and leggings in all sorts of colors is created, but also on the shelf frolicking perfume, jewelry and hair ties in a small space. There is a great solution here. Attach a long strip of coat hooks to the wall and hang the items on it. Maybe a nice mirror and a matching picture and you will not see anything of the wild things. This results in a visual highlight and creates a harmonious sense of space.

Once mucked out, one usually ends up with the question "where to go with the old things?" Because often enough parts are involved that, although they have lost nothing in their own house, are far from being in the bin. Flea markets are back in fashion, a wonderful opportunity to turn their legacies into money again. Especially individual pieces and very individual small parts are currently very popular junk. From records to dishes to smaller pieces of furniture you can get rid of everything there. The season for outdoor flea markets starts again in March.

If you do not want to wait that long, you have the opportunity to donate things to a second-hand department store. So you create more space for yourself and do at the same time a good deed. For the parts that actually seem worthless and no longer useful, material yards are the right place to go. Whether bulky waste, green waste or even e-waste, here you can give everything.

Stick to the good intentions and pack your heart and make plenty of room for new treasures!

All the best,

Your Eva Brenner

By the way: I see you on Tuesdays at 20:15 clock at "home in happiness" on RTL 2.

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