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Rustic table decoration with wood and soft rose pink

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Natural delights

White porcelain, rough wood and soft rosewood are a perfect match and light up our dining table in the dark season.

Nice flirt

Here comes together what (surprisingly) belongs together: white porcelain enters a charming liaison with the rough wooden table . This is accompanied by cutlery, placemat, bowls and boards, which, despite their natural look, look straightforward and contemporary. And delicate pink details emphasize the romantic side of the whole affair. Above all, the arrangement on the plate also contributes to this: For this purpose, decorate a napkin with a gradient, bind it in the middle with a natural ribbon and decorate it with a branch and "Skeleton Leaves".

Plate "Coup", big about 16 €, small about 8 €: Thomas about Rosenthal. Cutlery, piece about 4 €: Zara Home. Weißweinkelch "Entrée", approx. 6 €: Villeroy & Boch. Wooden bowl, about 10 €, wooden plate, about 9 €, spice set, about 20 €: wheels. Cheese plate, about 50 €: Palais XIII. Cutting board, about 30 €: WMF. Skeleton Leaves, each about 0.15 €:

Forever and ever

These findings from nature we have closed in the resin - and turned into neat coasters: For a small Tarteform (Ø about 15 cm) brush with mold release agent and leave to dry for about ten minutes. Prepare a layer of cast resin, place in the jar and place a leaf or twig on it. After about 1.5 hours of drying time, prepare cast resin again and apply to the dried layer. Allow to dry for one day and release the coaster from the mold with a light tap. Treat sharp edges with fine sandpaper and clean coasters with soap and water.

Poly-Glass Casting Resin, 250 ml approx. 15 €: Mold release agent, 100 ml approx. 3 €: Modulor. Glasses, each about 7 €: the laundry. Jug "Cheers", about 20 €: Leonardo. Shell, about 10 €: wheels


A candlestick on the wooden path: For the rustic table decoration on a longitudinally bisected birch trunk (Ø approx. 20 cm) mark holes in the desired distance with a pencil holes. Drill holes vertically with a drill with a milling attachment (Ø approx. 2.5 cm). Put self-extinguishing stick candles in the trunk and decorate with eucalyptus capsules.

Tip: Get the birch trunk cut at the hardware store.

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