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First model with Down syndrome at New York Fashion Week

Jamie Brewer on the red carpet.
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Jamie Brewer runs for fashion label

For designer Carrie Hammer, for the first time in history, a woman with Down syndrome will walk the catwalk - an iconic performance.

How long have we been wishing that on the catwalks of this world "normal" women will present the current fashion ... What all really mean? Normal-weight women, with feminine curves - that most of us can identify with. In part, the demands were answered by the fashion designers. Every now and then you can see a so-called plus-size model running over the catwalk. So far, so beautiful. But often we forget that not everything is about clothing sizes. The designer Carrie Hammer goes one step further. She really wants to show ALL women in her natural beauty at her shows - and of course that includes small women, women who are physically impaired or even women who have Down syndrome . In fact, her step in the fashion world is like a small revolution ...

For her second show at New York Fashion Week, the designer now booked series actress Jamie Brewer ("American Horror Story"), who was born with Down syndrome. As part of Carrie Hammer's "Role Models Not Runway Models" campaign launched last year, Brewer will present the new creations to industry professionals and is visibly proud. "It's a real inspiration to be a role model for young women and to encourage them to be who they are - and show it, " Brewer says in Today. Furthermore, the actress wants to encourage all women and hopes that they can see them and say confidently: "Hey, if she can, I can too!"

The admiration is sure Jamie Brewer. But in fact she's not the first, dazzlingly extraordinary model that works for Carrie Hammer. In 2014, the designer showed one of her designs to her friend Danielle Sheypuk, who is sitting in a wheelchair ...

In a business that lives from optical perfection and superficial aesthetics, starting today, we celebrate the diversity of women's beauty and say: thumbs up for the courageous and unique commitment of the two.

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