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Elisabeth Moss: Nude for the Mad Men Finale

Elisabeth Moss makes plans for the time after "Mad Men".
Photo: Getty Images

These are her plans after the successful show

The seventh and final season of Mad Men will start in the US in mid-April . Even if a TV era comes to an end for us, the stars do not cry after the show. Above all: Elisabeth Moss . Find out what's going on here!

The first episode of the 1960s advertising series began with the first day of work by Peggy Olson, played by Elisabeth Moss. Who would have thought at the time that the inexperienced secretary with the unfavorable hairstyle would once become the star of the series? Season after season, Peggy Olson climbed the career ladder and ended up in the chair of her mentor, Don Draper.

Elisabeth Moss has also grown into the series - including four Emmy nominations for the role of Peggy Olson - with which she also helped "Mad Men" to one of the best drama series on TV. Now Elisabeth Moss wants to move on: In "New York Magazine", the actress reveals her post-Mad-Man plans, accompanied by an insanely sensual photo series, photographed by Cass Bird .

She talks about future projects, two small films that have already turned off and made it to Sundance, the differences between them and their famous role. We have discovered the must-click images and the whole story at .