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The style of George Clooney

Star Styles at Check: George Clooney

He smiles and we melt away: George Clooney wraps his gentleman image just around the finger. Not only does the actor look back on a career spanning more than 30 years, he also looks amazing.

The style of George Clooney
Photo: Getty Images
That was not always the case. We have checked his style transformation.

George Clooney is a picture-perfect gentleman! With his charming smile, we always get very weak knees and can not simply avert our gaze from him. But the two-time "Sexiest Man Alive" (1997 and 2006) can do a lot more than just look good. He has already made a name for himself as an actor, producer and director, has won many prizes and has been nominated for an Oscar again in 2012 for his role as Matt King in "The Descendants - Family and Other Affairs".

The looks of George Clooney can be found in the gallery (20 images)!

George Clooney - also quite gentlemanly - puts his style on an elegant look. Stylish suits in black or gray, to which he combines a tie or bow tie, have particularly impressed the actor on the red carpet.

As a man of the world, who is committed to climate protection and crisis areas such as Darfur, George Clooney knows how to move on the international stage. But despite all the serious issues, the dedicated star is usually very humorous and casual on the road and exchanges in his spare time or less official events his chic suit also like times for a leather jacket and comfortable jeans.

George Clooney did not always look good

But who thinks now, George Clooney was the stylish fashion taste in the cradle, which is wrong. Because even in the 1990s, the actor amused with curly curls, which gave him a rather greasy image. Another mistake: funny patterned shirts. Well, we are glad that we can now admire George Clooney as a hot gentleman!

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