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Knitting instructions for a cushion cover

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  1. Strickspecial "TV Week"
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  3. Knitting instructions for a pillow case

Strickspecial "TV Week"

With this fluffy pillow we make ourselves comfortable on cold winter days on the sofa. You can find the free-knitting instructions here!


  • "Garzato Baby" by Lana Grosser (65% baby alpaca, 20% merino_wool, 15% polyamide): approx. 400gr in heather gray (Fb. 3)
  • a double pointed needles No. 8
  • one each needles No. 8 in 60 and 80cm length
  • a crochet hook No. 6
  • Cushion filling (40x40cm)

Knitting instructions for a cushion cover


Stressed smooth right


After knitting, knit in rounds (Rd). The numbers on the right side are the rounds. In all the rounds not shown, knit the stitches (M) and the envelopes (U) to the right (right). The arrows delimit 1 pattern set (MS) that widens upwards. Work the MS in the Rd 4 times. At height 1.-11. Knit 1 round, then repeat the 10th and 11th rounds, continuing the increases by the U for the form as usual. There are 8 sts in every 2nd round. So the square automatically results.

Flower motif A:

Crochet in 3 rounds crochet A First cast on 6 air stitches (airm) and close with 1 warp stitch (Kettm) to the ring. The numbers indicate the round transitions. Crochet the air ring on the first round with 20 sticks (tr). Close each round with 1 sl st. In the 3rd round, crochet the petals of solid (fe) M, Luftm and double sticks (Dstb) around the air of the preliminary round. The Rd are completely drawn. Finish the motif after the 3rd round.

Flower motif B:

Crochet according to crochet pattern B in 1st round. Cast on 5 airm and bind to the ring with 1 sl st. The numbers indicates the round transition. Crochet the air ring on the first round with 4 petals from fe M, air m and dc. The Rd is completely drawn. After the 1st round finish motif.


10.5 M and 17 R smooth right with needles No. 8 knitted = 10x10 cm flower motif with crochet hook No. 6 = 14 cm diameter small flower motif with crochet hook No. 6 = 5.5 cm in diameter


Working from the middle. Cast 8 sts on needle size 8. Distribute the M evenly on 4 needles and close to the Rd. Mark the start of the round. Then knit stocking st in stocking st with straight increases, doing the drawn MS 4x in the round. After the 10th round from the attack, each 11 sts on a needle = a total of 44 sts. Then work logically in round and continue to set the increases in each quarter as before. Continue knitting with the larger number of stitches with the longer circular needle. After a total of 45 rounds off (there are now 45 sts on each needle = a total of 180 sts) bind off the large sts. One side of the square measures approx. 45 cm.


How to knit the front.

Working out:

Stretch parts, moisten and allow to dry. Crochet 2 big and small flowers (see crochet A and B). Then sew 1 large and small flower motif on each other (see model picture). Then sew 1 double flower on the middle of the pillow sides. Sew the front and back of the pillow together on 3 sides. Insert cushion filling and close the remaining seam.