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Is the end of the world threatening us on the 24th of September?

On 24.09. let the world go under

Is that the end of the world?
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, At least one expert claims that. Reason for his theory: A meteorite is heading for the earth. NASA gives the all-clear. The meteorite should not hit the world.

Research expert Robert Walsh from the English University of Central Lancashire thinks it's possible that the entire human race will be wiped out next week. He assumes that alot of extraterrestrial material could hit Earth. Walsh actually considers the extinction of the world possible: "Think of the dinosaurs, " says the scientist. Many conspiracy theorists claim that September 24 is the day it is to strike.

Also we ask ourselves: Has NASA overlooked something? Should we prepare for the end of the world? The US authority says very clearly: no! A meteorite that hits the world would have to be incredibly big. Such a large object would be seen in the sky long ago.

However, in 2013, NASA had already missed a meteorite that exploded over Siberia. People were injured and houses damaged.

What many do not know: Every day many meteorites fall to earth. You just do not notice it often. Recently, several meteorite impacts were observed in Thailand.

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