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This time: cheesecake (36/2009)

  1. Back tips of the week
  2. Water solves the problem
  3. Mini muffins with sauce level
  4. Apple protects against overflowing
  5. Eischnee
  6. A quark wreath
  7. Ground on wire rack

Back tips of the week

Our budget, finance and kitchen editor always has good advice. Especially in cheesecake she knows her way around.

Thaw cheesecake

Summer, sun, coffee party! Now only invite the girlfriends and buy cheesecake, with which you can never make ewtas wrong. Frozen cheesecake but always slowly thaw in the refrigerator. Although it takes longer than at room temperature, but the cheesecake remains creamy and the mood is gorgeous!

Water solves the problem

If the baked macaroons stick to the baking paper, simply turn the paper over and brush with water, then the pastry dissolves immediately.

Save shortcrust pastry

Is the shortcrust pastry brittle because you kneaded it too long? Then add 1 tablespoonful of milk and knead gently. Or you use the dough for crumble.

Mini muffins with sauce level

Tasty alternative: Bake cherry muffins in mini paper cuffs and then serve in a delicious lake of custard.

Apple protects against overflowing

Plum cake best all around with apple slices occupy. So no juice drips from the plate into the oven.


Every little fat residue on the edge of the bowl prevents the protein from becoming firm. It is best to use a metal bowl, because in the cracks of older plastic bowls can hide fat remainders.

A quark wreath

Make a simple sponge cake and bake in a wreath shape. Cut the cooled wreath twice, eg. B. with a raspberry curd cream and layer again. Decorate with cream dabs and fresh berries.

Ground on wire rack

After baking, allow the sponge soils to cool on a wire rack (remove baking paper first), so that the cake does not sweat and becomes dry or crumbly.


Dye half of the sprinkles with cocoa powder dark, even the simplest sheet cake is an eye-catcher on your coffee table.

Rosemary, sage and oregano are small chopped a delicious ingredient for ready made bread mixes.

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