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Creative marriage proposal: A ring in a flip book

At the end of the flipbook, a surprise awaits!
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a Lovestory

A flip book awakens childhood memories. You have to have seen this marriage proposal, because you can hardly hide a ring more creatively!

When Alexa Wenning finishes her studies, she takes a big step: She moves to Chicago to start working life there. She does not suspect that this decision would change her career forever, but also her love life. Motivated and courageous, the young woman plunges into the cold water and is on her own.

But Alexa should not stay long alone. In Chicago, she meets Rodney at a happy hour. A series of happily made decisions led to this incredibly creative marriage proposal, which Alexa would never have known had she not moved to Chicago.

Rodney does not want to make any suggestion to his girlfriend. How he wants to stop the hand of his girlfriend is thought through long. He hired the agency "HowHeAsked" to accompany the story of the two. He shares his special planning with the world and raises the bar for future applications!

He has commissioned his creative idea from The Flippist. There a personal flip book will be created for him! Everyone likes to remember the tiny little books from childhood in which the pictures moved as if by magic. But this flip book is especially thick. Because inside is a ring! Not only the gift, the choice of location is well thought out.

Rodney makes his girlfriend a creative marriage proposal during a festival of lights in the zoo. In spite of the dim light, it knows at the same time which question it is asked. Of course she says yes!