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You should delete these 9 Facebook friends

We should delete some so-called friends on Facebook from our list.
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Why this Facebook friends nobody needs

It's time to clean up! You should definitely delete these contacts on Facebook. Because if we are completely honest, no one needs this kind of Facebook friends.

181, 257, 342 ... The number of Facebook friends rarely matches reality. After the weekend, a friend request pops up, reminding us of the brief acquaintance we met at the bar for five minutes - and then forgetting about it. So that this does not happen, we diligently exchange Facebook data. And our friends list is growing and growing ...

Let's be honest: only a few of our Facebook friends are really people who mean something to us. With friendship, the so-called friends list has nothing to do anymore. Hardly anyone has hundreds of friends and that's a good thing - because you could not care about so many acquaintances. It's time to clean up. How about a premature spring cleaning? You really should delete these 9 Facebook friends from your list:

1. The shameless

Privacy is a foreign word for the shameless. Be it relationship dramas, blasphemies or health problems - all areas of life that are actually only about themselves are trampled on Facebook. We do not know this person so well - let alone the 200 other readers on Facebook. Honestly? We do not want to know some things. That's why this friendship is over!

2. The actress

From time to time, we can secretly make fun of the shameless. In contrast, this Facebook guy is a lot worse, because she post just as much, but the unpleasant things just leave. The only goal: to present oneself and his wonderful, sparkling life. Today on the beach, tomorrow shopping and next week in the best restaurant in the city on the road - we understand it, his or her life is much better than our own. On the other hand, we just feel depressed when we sit in the office, frustrated by the countless holiday photos ...

3. The curb

Constructive discussions? Yes, please. Public on Facebook? No thanks. The cops love Facebook, because he finally found a platform on which he can scream out loud his opinion. This Facebook friend is a full time pessimist and is deleted. He leaves his mustard to every topic and is in principle against everything. He also likes to clarify disagreements with friends on the public bulletin board. We can not use this negative energy this year!

4. The Nörgelotto

At least as annoying as the maneuver is the Nörgelotto. Because this "friend" has something to complain about everything you do on Facebook. In each photo, he noticed a flaw on which he also likes to make public attention. This one person always has something to criticize about our way of life. While we are enjoying a piece of cake, Nörgelotto quickly spoils our appetite with an indication of our weight and the calorie information ... For this person, the comment function is clearly abolished.

5. The game kid

Oh, a notification! Maybe an invitation to the next party? The disappointment is even greater when it is a meaningless game invitation. Over and over again, the one Facebook friend we do not actually know really wants to play CandyCrush and Co with us - and he always ignores our refusal. It's enough - the plaything is not really our friend.

6. The euphoric parents

There are enough reasons why you should be careful when it comes to privacy, especially when it comes to your own children. Nevertheless, the annoying parents post enthusiastic about the possibilities of the Internet just everything - from the first step to the full diaper. The family album should stay private. We do not want to endure these public super-parents anymore.

7. The mysterious

Much worse than the actress, the Nörgelotto and even the shameless is this person: The Mysterious also has a strong message need. But she reveals nothing at all. "I'm so sad" is just as much a part of her Facebook repertoire as it is dramatic lyrics, revealing the reason for the mood would be boring, her only intention: to get attention, as long as someone asks, we will not do it again in the future,

8. Your boss

It does not really need words. If your boss does not happen to be your best friend in your free time, he has no place in your friends list. Work and private life are separate - some things you want to know from your boss as little as he from you. And do you really want your supervisor to see the linked photos from last night?

9. The unknown

Wait a minute ... who is that? Again and again it happens: On the start page suddenly a person appears, which we have never seen in life. And yet she is among our friends on Facebook . Nobody but the unknown makes it clearer that we close friendships on the internet too lightly. These friends are not our friends - they are deleted.

Some of these Facebook contacts can also be found elsewhere: WhatsApp! Everyone knows this type of chat, who has been in a group entertainment before. Maybe we recognize ourselves again ...