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The Eight Best Flirt Apps: That's Online Dating Today

We show the best flirt apps!
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Flirting, chatting, falling in love - there have never been so many opportunities to find a new partner via smartphone. We have the eight best flirt apps ready!

LOVOO Lovoo is the only flirt app worldwide with live radar that is used daily by millions of singles and tens of thousands of new members are added daily. The live radar automatically updates in real time, so you can quickly reach people you like. Price: FREE LOVOO on the iTunes Store

lubbaa What does the biorhythm say about relationship, sex and feelings? A partner comparison to find, analyze or flirt your love. This will make your dating experience easier. Couples can see in which areas they harmonize better and where more tolerance is needed for the partner. Price: 0.89 euros lubbaa in the iTunes Store

Body language Trainer People who can interpret body language react better in social situations and have a more sympathetic influence on their fellow human beings. With the body language trainer you learn how to better interpret signals of the body. This helps eg in job interviews or flirting and seduction. Price: 3, 59 Euro Body language trainer in the iTunes Store

Tinder The Flirt App Tinder shows you people around you that might interest you, leaving you to anonymously express or reject your interest. If a person you like likes you too well, Tinder gets to know each other and you can chat inside the app. Price: FREE Tinder iTunes Store

VOO VOO shows you how attractive you are. Discover and value new, charming people from your environment in a playful way. Price: FREE VOO on the iTunes Store

YoDarling Find your new love with the YoDarling Community App! The flirt app is free and made for singles. Go on dating today and start looking for data and darling. Price: FREE YoDarling on the iTunes Store

Love for the road Are you looking for good morning or good night sayings that you can send via text message? You want to send a nice text message to your sweetheart? What does "I love you" mean in Indonesian? Or you would like to sink into the most beautiful love poems? With this app you always have the right words for love! Price: 0.89 Euro Love on the go in the iTunes Store

iSchatz With iSchatz you can see for the second how long certain events such as the first kiss or the first date are. Price: 0.89 Euro iSchatz in the iTunes Store

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