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The coolest jeans for plus-size girls

Photo: Lisa Mosh

Chic denim for great curves

Jeans are really great companions for every occasion. But those who have female curves often find the search for the perfect jeans difficult. That does not have to be ...

I like to post it on Instagram, on my blog or on Facebook. My jeans. No matter if white, blue or black: My favorite jeans are from Asos. They sit great, shape something and look great. I've been asked many times where they're from and now I'm showing it to you.

Three of them are among my favorites. All costs about 40 to 50 euros. Like any other jeans I love, they will break after a while. That's why the love of my thighs debt to each other. At some point she breaks. Slowly it will be time for me to buy a new one.

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